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Do I really need a Certificate and be qualified to do Beauty?

Well the answer is absolutely you need to be qualified and hold a certificate! There are two misconceptions with beauty – one is that it is easy and I can learn it off YouTube and secondly that I can start a business doing beauty without Insurance!  This is especially true for Nails, when students say, […]

10 Steps to Clearer Skin

Author Tracey Hammond shares 10 Tips to clearer skin Tracey is the owner, founder and creator of EarthSentials Beauty Academy and EarthSentials Natural Skin Management, Tracey is an international qualified beauty and spa trainer and assessor who has been published in multiple magazines worldwide. Tracey’s passion is for cosmetic chemistry and understanding the skin, as […]

This Festive Season

Its that time of year again.. Time to reflect on the year that was. Time to celebrate Family and Friends, Time to consider the blessing we have and the love that we share with one and another.  2020.. The year of loneliness, heartbreak & confinement A year we have felt the stresses and weight of life.Its […]

You Can Be the Best!

You can become the Best with EarthSentials Beauty Academy… Let me Tell You Why.. YOU COME FIRST! We understand that your commitment to launching yourself into a new career is kind of a big deal. You have thought about this for a long time,You’ve juggled your current employment, juggled family life, saved like crazy, overcome the […]

Waxing – Everything you need to know!

Lets talk waxing and break it down to see if it’s the best option for you. Without question waxing is one of the most used hair removal methods worldwide and it provides incredible results, leaving your skin soft, smooth and stubble free. If your looking at getting the best from your next waxing appointment, continue […]

Are your skin care products making your skin sensitive?

Have you ever wondered if it could be your skin care products that are making your skin sensitive? If your answer is Yes, then you could be onto something! Colours are known to cause skin sensitivities! It is a known fact that colours that are added to products to make them look more appealing from […]

Increase your activity for Better Skin!

It’s hardly news that exercise is great for your mind, body and mental outlook but .. Here’s another reason to get moving: Regular exercise is one of the keys to glowing, happy and healthy skin! When we think exercise “We tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of being physical, which are important, However anything that […]